About me?

Well, let’s see…  A web designer told me to use more images in my site, so I’ll give it a try here.

I’m a writer.  Which means that if I work hard to craft stories that people want to read, I may one day achieve the fame of great authors such as this man:



I sometimes work with a writing partner.  He’s more of an idea guy.  I do most of the typing.

I write because it’s fun.  I don’t have any illusions about becoming a bazillionaire just because I put a book out on the market.  Which is cool with me.  Writing shouldn’t be a get rich quick scheme.  I don’t want to jam my work down people’s throats and I’m not pushing to get a million followers on Facebook.  What do I want to get out of writing?  Telling stories that people will enjoy and get some satisfaction from.  Creating people and places that you’ll want to visit again and again.  That’s what I want.


See, I can still remember the books that got me hooked.  The gateway books, if you will.  Green Eggs and Ham.  The books with the gold foil on the spine.  Any of those books that came with the red cassette tapes that helped you learn to read.

A few years after that, I remember getting sucked into the novelization of the Star Wars Trilogy, and then numerous Star Trek novels.  I read everything the school library had by Roald Dahl; the BFG and Matilda were two of my favorites.  I found the Phantom Tollbooth in a rack in the back of a classroom and read it one day.  Later on I started reading Glen Cook, David Eddings, Terry Goodkind, Raymond Feist, and Robert Jordan.  For almost an entire summer I got sucked into the Wheel of Time, and I always had one of those books with me.  My Sci-Fi reading grew alongside the fantasy, I read just about any author who had a story that appealed to me.  First, it was Harry Harrison and his off-beat futuristic satires.  Then I moved to Spider Robinson, Robert Heinlein, Orson Scott Card…

The authors I’ve mentioned stick out because they made an impression.  Like P.T. Barnum advised, they left me wanting more.  What felt truly amazing about these stories is how completely I became immersed and invested in the worlds and characters these authors created.  I hope I’m not being dramatic when I say that it’s like a gift.  And if I am, well…  Who cares?  It’s my goddamn website.

Of course, there are many authors who’s work I’ve enjoyed that aren’t on that list.  I’m sure they won’t be offended.  Point is – I love this stuff.  I’ve been working for years to bring that same feeling to others; to create a world that people will want to be a part of.

That’s about me.