Counting Crimes


Robert Lynch is an engineer with a problem he can’t solve: How to keep an extortionist from killing his family.

Trouble starts with Robert’s mother, as it always has. When she claims a man is threatening to kill her family if he’s not paid off, even the cops can’t take her seriously. After all, she’s an unstable drug addict with no real proof; just a description of a crook that sounds a little too much like Owen Wilson. But, when Robert is nearly killed by thugs working for this extortionist, he realizes his family is in terrible danger.

For protection, Robert has to make a deal with a different sort of criminal: An aging drug kingpin. In exchange, he must use his skills in process engineering and corporate efficiency to bring the man’s faltering empire back into the black — no mean feat in today’s tough economy.

Now, while he struggles to track the man threatening his family, Robert has to make the most of being a criminal… An occupation that comes with a sketchy retirement plan and doesn’t offer health benefits. It’s a journey that will involve gangsters, cops, dive bars, raves, and most importantly: Mexican root beer.


Counting Crimes is a 95k-word thriller. It’s my second novel, which could use the representation of an awesome agent, or a home with a publisher. If you’re interested, feel free to drop me a line.

If you’d like to read a sample of the story, you can check out the first five pages by clicking on the title image, above.