Below are short stories that I’ve written.  If any are published on other sites, they’ll link directly to the page where the story lives.  Otherwise, it’ll open in a pdf document.

Virgin Sacrifice’s

Sarnath and his Mighty Tentacles of Divine Grace must be appeased.  Is there any person on Earth virtuous enough to send our Most Ancient and Worshipful Master back to the cosmos? Science-Fiction, Humor

Gifts and Curses

Some people wish they had Jared’s gift, others even claim to. Jared wants those idiots to go play in traffic. Spend one night with him to find out why. Modern Fantasy

Third Callback

For Marcus, making it as an actor has been anything but easy. Just when he feels like the whole world is blind to his needs, he finds that problems of vision may be more common than he thought. Commercial Fiction, Humor

The Red – Prologue

The original prologue to my novel, The Red. Science-Fiction


Who can we count on when the aliens invade? What will be humanity’s last hope when all seems lost? Science-Fiction, Humor

Graduation Day

For as long as any student can remember, the school has been preparing them for life in the outside world. But young Taylor has his doubts about what the future holds. Science-Fiction