Soft Launch and a Paper Shortage

Mariner’s Wake went live on October 25th. You can get an ebook for your preferred device, a paperback, even a hardback if that’s your desire. Please keep in mind that some of the orders are taking longer to fulfill. There’s a paper shortage that, while it’s not completely dire yet, is causing some books to ship more slowly than they normally would.

In marketing terms, this launch would be considered a soft launch. Independent publishers don’t usually have the advertising dollars needed to make the huge pre-launch waves that the Big Five (or is it four now?) publishers can. Basically, we can’t get a bunch of advance reviews and celebrity blurbs to populate the review rating stats before launch day. That’s okay, it just means we have to approach book launches differently.

This is where you come in, Dear Reader.

If you’ve been directed here by an ad or review page for Mariner’s Wake, I’d like you to seriously consider taking a chance on the novel, even though it may not have many (or any) ratings on your preferred book review site. If you read through the description, took a gander at the Kirkus review, and you think this story might be for you, please don’t let the lack of community content stop you. It is my sincere hope that interested readers will decide to take that chance on an unknown book and author. And if they feel moved to do so, to share their thoughts with other readers.

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