The Changed

Book One of Manal’s Resurgence


Oscar’s father said he’d be back before nightfall. That was weeks ago. With what’s become of Center City since the Sickness wiped out over ninety percent of the population, Oscar has to assume the worst. Now he must find his father at all costs. It’s more than a simple matter of searching for the one family member he has left. Oscar’s father claimed he knew where to find the key to stopping the Sickness and healing those who had been genetically altered by the Sickness; those unfortunate souls known as the Changed.

The Sickness stole more than lives from the city — it took the humanity as well. Devoid of water, power, and hope, the competition for the dwindling food supply has caused many to turn to savagery. At the forefront of these new clans is a man named Eli, a fanatical Changed who claims to speak to god. His methods are decisive, brutal, and effective. Each day he claims more of the city as his own. Oscar finds that Eli has also been put on a path to find the source of his father’s hope. Unfortunately, their goals couldn’t be more different. Eli believes their new world was ordained by god, and won’t let anyone interfere with that vision. Now that he has Oscar in his sights, the young man will be lucky to even survive, much less succeed.

Thankfully, Oscar won’t have to travel alone. With the help of friends both new and old, Oscar must find the strength to face what lies ahead. If he is to have any hope of defeating Eli’s army, he must first uncover the mystery of the Changed, and discover the incredible origin of the Sickness.

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The Changed by A. Michael Marsh

The Changed

by A. Michael Marsh

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Reviews for The Changed

From Foreword Clarion

“Marsh’s story is most successful in the way it neatly explores fundamental views of what it means to be human, what it means to believe in God, and how truth can be manipulated.”

Awarded 5/5 Stars.

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From Kirkus

“This rousing sci-fi series opener deftly balances action, characterization, and concept.”

See the full review here.

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