The First Giveaway!

Starting Monday, November 1st (tomorrow), I’ll be launching a giveaway of Mariner’s Wake on BookSirens! For those who haven’t used the platform, BookSirens provides a way for authors to safely get copies of their work into readers’ hands for these kinds of giveaway events. It’s a platform for interested readers to get their hands on new and upcoming books, usually at no cost, and then share their thoughts via review.

This is my first time using BookSirens and I’m pretty optimistic. In the past, I’ve used Goodreads, but I think it’s time to try other platforms and see if they’re more effective at getting books into the hands of real human readers. From what I’ve seen and heard of BookSirens I think it would be worth your time to sign up (if you’re not already) and take advantage of this event.

Once the giveaway is live I’ll post the link here.

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