Adam Marsh is a software engineer, U.S. Army veteran, and author of two science-fiction novels, The Changed, and Survived. His novels both received five stars from Foreword Clarion, and his work has been called “nearly impossible to put down,” by Kirkus. As an engineer and lover of all things fantastic, his work tends to straddle the line between the real and the unknown. Adam has a degree in Computer Systems Engineering and a certificate in Novel Writing, both from ASU.

Adam is also a life-long dork, a chronic social media lurker, and doesn’t enjoy writing about himself in the third person for bio copy.

Sometimes people enjoy reading books because of the author. Writers with magnetic personalities, charisma, or amazing success stories have a way of drawing us into their orbit. Reading their books makes us feel like we’re getting a glimpse into their lives, learning their secrets. Maybe, one day, we can catch a little bit of that magic and be like them.

I am not one of those authors. Which is probably why writing about myself is so difficult. I’ve never run an ultra-marathon on a broken leg, held dialogs with a U.S. President, or ran a Fortune 500 company. My life, as much as I love it and am grateful for it, may not be that remarkable to others and that’s okay. In fact, it’s fueled my writing. I like to write about people who try their best when they’re in over their heads; who get knocked down but get back up. People who have to start off life on their back foot but still don’t give up.

Story, especially the written word, has been a huge part of my life. There’s no feeling like getting pulled completely into a book and that’s the feeling I want to give others. If you’ve chosen one of my stories to spend time with, I thank you.