A Kirkus Star for Mariner’s Wake

In the past I’ve written a few posts that involved Kirkus, the editorial review publication. They’re one of the few trusted editorial reviews that will review indie books, so I’ve felt it was worthwhile to send in my novels. Mariner’s Wake is no exception to that trend.

Yesterday, I received the review. The tagline from the review is both clever and very positive:

“An oceangoing SF/technothriller made especially seaworthy by its depth, not just its depth charges.”

– Kirkus Reviews

From what I can tell, it seems like the reviewer enjoyed the story. Seriously, that’s all I could ask for. When I viewed the review on the Kirkus site, I got another incredibly pleasant surprise. The reviewer gave Mariner’s Wake a star!

Kirkus allows their reviewers to assign stars to something like 10% of the books they feel have exceptional merit. Those books are then eligible for the Kirkus Prize, which is awarded every year. It’s a pretty big deal for Mariner’s Wake to be recognized like this before launch and I’m still in a bit of disbelief.

We’re a little ways from the book’s release. Maybe another couple of months. The cover artwork is done, the manuscript is ready, so typesetting and printing are the last steps. The Covid-19 pandemic has of course complicated things but the team at Brick Cave is prepping the novel’s launch. I’ll post more updates once I have them.

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